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Pavers at Forestville Sydney

From Roger Miller to the 95th Members

Dear All
As you are aware there is a memorial for the services personnel at the Returned & Service League (RSL) at Forestville, Sydney.  There are two pavers for the 95th Entry installed at the time of the Reunion in 2010.  The RSL chaps went to some length to make the “unveiling” into a service, complete with bugler and the “Last Post”, marking the mutual respect that our services have for each other.

Following Alf Banyard’s death, Tony Dapre suggested that he should purchase a Paver for Mike Gay and for Alf Banyard at the Memorial since, without these two there would have been no Entry reunions beyond the occasional gatherings of small groups of friends.

The two pavers are now installed and Tony has emailed me the certificates and a plan of the locations.

Perhaps it is me, but I somehow expected the 95th Entry pavers in 2010 to be on the outer periphery of the memorial as we are not ANZAC.  So to find the 95th pavers positioned “Front and Centre” to the memorial was an indication of where Tony (Key to the design and building of the memorial) placed our Entry.  The placing of the pavers for Mike and Alf continues to reflect that esteem.)

I have expanded on Tony’s email primarily for those who have not seen the memorial in person.  So the attachments are as follows:-

01.    A view of the memorial set in the memorial garden.

02.   A reminder of the logic behind the design of the memorial.

03.   A reminder of the two 95th Entry pavers from 2010.

03B The memorial with a blue arrow to show where the 95th pavers are set and two stars to show where the pavers for Mike and Alf are set.

04.   Paver Certificate for Mike Gay

05.   Paver Certificate for Alf Banyard

06.   Paver Certificate for Pamela Miller (see note below)

07.   Paver site plan of Section “L”

08.   View of the Memorial.

Note:-  The placing of the pavers for Alf and Mike triggered Tony to ask me if he could, off his own bat, install a paver for Pam to reflect her influence during planning team meetings and so on.  As you can imagine I was touched and obviously agreed.  I have indicated Pam’s paver with a little circle.  She had more curves than spikes so a star did not seem as fitting.

All of this has come out of Tony’s pocket and he has steadfastly refused any contribution.

I am sure I can say on behalf of the whole Entry a heartfelt thank-you for initiating and installing the pavers for Alf and Mike.  Particularly on top of all that you did to make the 2010 reunion such a success.

My personal thanks for your comments on Pam.

Very best regards to all the 95th.  It has been a privilege and a pleasure!

Finally, Thanks Mike and Alf.


Roger Miller

From Tony Dapre
The pavers I ordered have now been laid in the Memorial Walk at the RSL. I have attached a copy of the three pavers and also where they have been laid. As you can see they are in the same location as the paver for our Entry so are in good company. I will be there on Anzac Day as usual.



From Tony Dapre
I have to thank Dusty for the kind mention he gave me regarding the placement of the pavers. In all humility I was not expecting being put on a pedestal but am pleased that it is appreciated. The area where the pavers have been placed is one which I claimed during my active involvement with the RSL Sub Branch and where I had placed pavers for various members of my family who had served. It was the obvious place to install the Entry paver back in 2010 and therefore available, by request, for any subsequent pavers. You will notice from the attachments that the Entry one is next to Flight Sergeant Bobby Mullins. He was one of my mother’s brothers who completed two tours of duty at the tail end of a Lancaster bomber as a rear gunner and was then sent to Burma where he was captured by the Japs and finally walked out of the POW camp at the end of the war as a six foot one matchstick. He would be proud to be associated with us I am sure.

I sent some stuff to Alfie’s daughter Samantha and she replied with a photo, (attached),  of where his ashes were spread a few weeks ago. It is such a beautiful and peaceful place I thought it was worth sharing with you all.

I have also attached the page of the memorial service which included Alf in the Vale.

Who are the Boys who make the most noise?

I was one of you, and proud of it,

Kindest regards,